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What’s the best way to keep a drone flight log, and what should I be documenting from each flight?

Your drone flight operations software can do a lot of the heavy-lifting here. It’ll log the date, time, and GPS location of your flight. It’ll also log telemtry data like the highest you flew, how long you were in the air, and how far the drone got from the remote control. It can also log the lifetime usage of your battery as well.

So this is all a great first step when it comes to logging your drone flights, but you might also want to consider taking more detailed notes and keeping your own, more thorough flight log. I like to write down notes about the flight itself — what was the purpose of the flight? Was there anything I learned that day? Did anything of note happen, like speaking to an angry neighbor, park official, or one of your propeller’s getting knicked by a tree limb?

We have a more comprehensive guide over here:

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