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What is the cost of the FAA Part 107 exam, and how can I locate a testing center?

Wondering how much the FAA Part 107 test costs and how to find Part 107 testing centers?

Here you go:

FAA Part 107 Test Cost

The FAA Part 107 test cost should be right at $160, although some test centers are owned by PSI (test provider) will charge $96.  

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Part 107 Testing Centers

There are Part 107 testing centers throughout the U.S.

You can locate your nearest Part 107 testing center and book your appointment here:

Jump down within this article to learn more about Part 107 testing centers, including a brief step-by-step for what to expect when you sign up for the test.

More on FAA Part 107 Test Cost

Here are some common questions we get about the FAA Part 107 test cost:

Who collects the money when I pay for the Part 107 test?

The Part 107 test is administered by third-party companies that have been authorized by the FAA. The company you choose when you register for your test at a Part 107 testing center will be the company you pay for your test cost.

 Does the FAA or Drone Pilot Ground School make anything off the Part 107 test cost?

No. Neither the FAA nor Drone Pilot Ground School receives any of the money you pay for your test cost. All of the payment goes to the company administering your test.

When do I pay?

You will pay for the test when you register online. 

How many different companies have Part 107 testing centers?

There are two companies that have Part 107 testing centers. See page 7 of the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Guide from the FAA for more information.

Is the FAA Part 107 test cost the only cost I should consider for becoming a commercial drone pilot?

Probably not. If you’re serious about becoming a commercial drone pilot then you also want to be thinking about all of the startup costs associated with getting your drone business up and running. Whether you’re freelancing or working for a company that wants to incorporate drones there will be additional costs to getting started, including costs for things like hardware, software, and drone insurance for starters.

Here are some resources to help you start planning your drone business:

More on Part 107 Testing Centers

Here is how you sign up to take the FAA’s Part 107 test:

  • Find your testing center. Go to this page on the CATS website or call CATS at 1-844-704-1487  to find the Part 107 testing center nearest you. There are almost 700 Part 107 testing centers in the U.S., so you should be able to find one fairly close to where you live.
  • Register. Once you find your testing center, register to take the test there for the day and time of your choice.
  • First time vs. Recurrent. When registering, the official name of the test is the “Unmanned Aircraft General – Small” test. This is the one to select if you’re taking the Part 107 test for the first time. If you’re taking the recurrent exam, you’ll see the word “Recurrent” in the test title (scroll the FAQ below for more information on the recurrent test).

Here are some common questions we get about Part 107 testing centers:

How much in advance should I register to take the Part 107 test?

We recommend scheduling your test at a Part 107 testing center at least one week ahead of when you need to take it. Although most Part 107 testing centers are small and demand isn’t all that high, it is a good idea to schedule in advance to make sure you have a spot reserved.

How long does the test take?

You have two hours to complete the test. Some of our students report finishing much more quickly but everyone is different. When planning for the test we recommend setting aside the full two hours as well time for transportation to and from the Part 107 testing center.

What’s on the test?

Here’s some basic information about the Part 107 test:

  • It’s an objective, multiple-choice test.
  • There are 60 questions, with three responses (A, B, and C) per question.
  • Each test question is independent of other questions; therefore, a correct response to one does not depend upon, or influence, the correct response to another.
  • Some questions may require visual references, like airspace maps or charts.
  • The minimum passing score is 70% (meaning, you’ll need to get at least 42 questions right).
  • You’re allowed two hours to complete the test.

Here’s a breakdown of the questions, by knowledge topic:

Drone Pilot UAG Test Question Breakdown

Learn more about the Part 107 test here.

What resources do you recommend for preparing for the test?

Free resources

Here are some free resources we’ve created to help drone pilots prepare for the test:

Paid resources

For paid resources, we recommend Drone Pilot Ground School, our test prep course for the Part 107 test. 

We’ve helped over 20,000 drone pilots prepare for the Part 107 test and over 99% of our students report passing on the first try. Learn more about how we can help you prepare for the test.

How often do I have to renew my Part 107 certificate?

You have to renew your Part 107 certificate every 24 months. 

How do I renew my Part 107 certificate?

To renew your Part 107 certificate, you will have to take a recurrent knowledge test within 24 months of your initial test at a Part 107 testing center. The renewal process is the same as the one you followed when you first took the test, except this time you’ll select “Unmanned General – Recurrent” test when registering for the test.

Are there any penalties or fines for waiting more than 24 months to renew my Part 107 certification?

There are no penalties or fines for testing after your certification expires, but you will not be legal to fly commercially until the recurrent test is passed if it’s been more than 24 months since the last time you passed the test.

You can learn more about the recurrent testing process in this short guide

Do I get a new certificate once I pass the recurrent test?

No. You will continue to use your original hard copy certificate. You should keep your most recent test results on-hand when operating commercially in case of an FAA check. 

Is any action required in the IACRA after I take the recurrent test?

No. After taking the recurrent test no action is required in the IACRA system to update the status of your certification.

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