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Airspace Classes & Sectional Charts

Practice Question: (Refer to Figure 75.) You’ve been asked to fly your UA to inspect a bridge being built in the southernmost part of Gila Bend.

If a tower in Class D airspace is closed, what airspace takes over until the tower is active again?

If I am flying under the floor of Class B or Class C airspace, do I still need permission to fly?

Practice Question: (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2G, Figure 23) What’s the lower altitude limit of Class E airspace at Statesboro Bulloch County Airport (TBR)?

Practice Question: (Refer to Figure 26, area 4.) You have been hired to inspect the tower under construction at 46.9N and 98.6W, near Jamestown Regional (JMS). What must you receive prior to flying your unmanned aircraft in this area?

Practice Question: (Refer to Figure 20, area 1.) You’re hired to inspect a group of structures that are under construction 9 statute miles (SM) south of Norfolk Intl Airport. What’s the highest you’re allowed to fly if inspecting the topmost part of the tower?

Why there are two different distinctions in Class D Airspace when it comes to the minus in front of a bracketed number, indicating that the airspace goes up to, but not including the number indicated?

How do you know when Class E airspace starts at 700 feet AGL vs. 1,200 feet AGL?

Practice Question: (Refer to Figure 69, area 7.) When an aircraft lands at Alice Intl (ALI), what airspace class is it in?

Practice Question: (Refer to Figure 26) What airspace is Tomlinson airport in?