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My FAA Part 107 certificate will expire soon — is there a grace period or some kind of penalty when it comes to scheduling my recurrent exam?

Your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate has a 24-month shelf life — which means that you’ll need to go through a recurrent knowledge training and testing process every two years to re-up and to maintain your stature as a commercially certificated sUAS operator.

There is no “grace” period — meaning that once your 24-month “currency” lapses or expires, you’re grounded until you can take your FAA Recurrent Knowledge Test.

The FAA has not put out guidance as far as penalties being involved for those who let the certificate actually expire before renewing so, at the moment it does not matter when you actually re-test.

For more information on studying for and scheduling your recurrent exam, check out our guide, How to Take Your Recurrent Exam and Renew Your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

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