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Is there a tutorial on how to use LAANC?

LAANC, or the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, was created as a means for the FAA to work more directly with the private drone sector to authorize and monitor the flights of remote pilots.

LAANC is powered by a small group of dedicated application providers that act as the medium between flight planning and approvals from the appropriate Air Traffic Control.

Using either the drone controller, your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC you are able to submit a request to fly in controlled airspace, and often within minutes, the controlling body will be able to approve your flight or justifiably deny it.

Aside from the common rules surrounding airspace, the applications will also filter your request using your GPS location and determine if there are extenuating factors for the time you want to fly such as NOTAMS (Notices to airmen) or TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions). The applications are always updating so it will not be uncommon for you to be submitting a request and see your flight is automatically denied based on current holds in place.

More info on specific LAANC providers and how to request airspace authorization in our guide over here:

How To Get Drone Flights Approved in Controlled Airspace with LAANC

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