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Can you help me understand the DJI unlocking and geofence process?

Yes — even if you have airspace authorization or some of other kind of permission to operate in a certain area, there’s a chance that DJI has flagged this area as a prohibited flight in their firmware. If that’s the case, you would need to unlocking the DJI geofence. Otherwise, you might not be able to take off!

So bottom line, if you’re flying a DJI drone, it’s a good idea to check their geofence ahead of time as part of your airspace research. Because even if you plan to fly in Class G airspace, you might run into some geofence issues.

But if you’re flying in controlled airspace — FAA controlled airspace authorization must first be granted via LAANC or the FAADroneZone portal. 

Once you have received the authorization code, you can use that code to apply for the DJI Unlock:

More information in our guide over here: 

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