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I am using AirMap and my LAANC request was denied. Can you help?

Using AirMap is a great way to easily request controlled airspace authorization.

One of the common reasons that a request is ‘rejected’ is because you are requesting to fly at a higher altitude than what is listed for that particular area.

When you’re logged into AirMap and looking at an area of controlled airspace, zoom in until you see numbers inside of each box of the grid. The numbers indicate the predetermined safe altitude for that particular area. If you are flying in an area (box) that has an indicated altitude of 100, you’ll have to request to fly at 100 feet or below. Otherwise, you get a ‘reject’ that states “Rejected Upon Submission”.

Also, if you are flying near two areas with different altitudes and the radius of your flight plan crosses both areas, you’ll have to pick the lowest altitude of the two areas or you’ll receive a reject as well.

Once a request has been submitted, you should instantly receive a text message containing the confirmation number. 

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