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Unlock the full potential of your drone operations with our drone education and training solutions designed to address the unique challenges of the modern landscape. At Drone Pilot Ground School, we empower businesses and government agencies like yours to achieve compliance, efficiency, and scalability with your internal training initiatives through our comprehensive training programs.

Since 2016, we’ve helped thousands of businesses, government & public safety agencies, and other teams to seamlessly integrate drone training into their operations. In doing so, we’ve enabled these teams to become FAA-certified commercial drone pilots, positioning them to meet compliance and regulatory standards in a fast changing industry, grow revenue & margins via our reseller program, and ensure their teams pass the part 107 exam efficiently and inexpensively.

We partner with companies and agencies across various verticals including Construction, Drone Service Providers, Drone Manufacturers, Police and Sheriff Departments, Fire Departments, Precision Agriculture, and more to offer our program and curriculum to their employees and teams.

Questions? Email us at sales@dronepilotgroundschool.com or give us a call at 1-888-626-1490.

Benefits of Working with Drone Pilot Ground School:

Why Choose Us:

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our team works with you to tailor our program to meet your specific training goals.

Premium Content

Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date content that reflects the latest advancements in drone technology and regulations.

Progress Tracking

We will work closely with you to track and monitor the progress of your team so that you can keep them moving forward.

Dedicated Support

Our team is here to support our enterprise partners every step of the way!

Teams We've Helped

Who We Work With


Construction companies including Granite Construction trust Drone Pilot Ground School with their Part 107 training needs.

Drone Companies

We work with the best Drone brands and companies in the industry including brands such as Skydio and Loveland Innovations.

Government Agencies

We’ve worked with hundreds of fire and police departments, and others across the country including NYPD for their Part 107 training needs.

Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utility companies including PG&E trust Drone Pilot Ground School with their Part 107 training needs.

Precision Agriculture

Agriculture companies including John Deere and Pivot Bio trust Drone Pilot Ground School with their Part 107 training needs.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Empower your employees and teams with the skills they need for the future. Let’s work together to elevate your internal training with our cutting-edge drone training program. Inquire now to explore how our tailored solutions can integrate seamlessly into your company’s operations.

Questions? Email us at sales@dronepilotgroundschool.com or give us a call at 1-888-626-1490.



Yes, we offer discounts for teams. Please see our pricing page here.
We’ll send an invoice to you and/or the appropriate person in your organization, and we accept payments by credit card, PayPal and check.
Yes, we’ll process your purchase order and issue an invoice.
If your organization is tax-exempt, please email a copy of your state-issued tax-exempt form to sales@dronepilotgroundschool.com, including the number of people you wish to enroll.
Sure, we’re happy to provide the necessary information to officially get set up in your system.

Enrollment & Logging In

Yes, we can do a bulk enrollment of your entire team on our end, same day. We just need each person’s full name and email address. Each person will then receive a welcome email and can immediately access the course.
Yes, we can send you a report of login activity and course completion, either on a scheduled or as-needed basis.
It’s to your advantage to have your own log-in so you can easily track your progress through the course. We operate on the honor system and reserve the right to revoke access if we see an unusually high number of log-ins from the same account.
Yes, if you’re paying on behalf of someone else (and you’re not the student), on our checkout page please enter the student’s email address and your payment information. Then after the payment has been processed, you’ll be prompted to enter the student’s full name.

In-Person Training

Our course is best completed online because it allows you to work at your own pace and to go back to any lesson as many times as you need.

Yes, we run DJI hands-on flight training classes in cities across the U.S. Please see information about our program here.